No-Code Platform Integrations to Power Your Enterprise

No-Code Platform Integrations to Power Your Enterprise

No-Code Platform Integrations to Power Your Enterprise

The SaaS marketplace is full of creative solutions for payroll, resource planning, and customer relationship management. And all business revolves around the agreements and contracts we make with our partners. 

It’s time for a Contract Performance Platform that empowers you to make the most of your agreements. Enter, our new no-code integrations! Let’s break it down:

Your enterprise may make use of e-signature tools like DocuSign, a CRM such as Salesforce, ERP software like Workday or Netsuite, a CLM such as Apttus or Ironclad, and much more. These platforms are useful and effective on their own, but they can very quickly become a time sink when it comes to contracts. 

Contracts really come to life at the moment of signature – but what happens next? Signature review, data tracking, invoicing, and attorney verification. All too often, contracts slip through the cracks as they’re passed between teams via Slack, Google Drive, WeTransfer, DocHub, and more, requiring duplicate work, manual data entry, and repeated verification by your in-house attorney, costing your enterprise valuable time across every single department. 

The solution is simple: get everything in one place. The Contract Wrangler Portal leverages several Connector tools to keep all of your business applications in sync and up-to-date with attorney-verified data, saving countless hours of manual data entry and streamlining every workflow. 

How It Works

Fetch or push contract data seamlessly between all of your business applications, including your Data Warehouse and CRM, ERP, and CLM platforms. 

Our File Fetch and Data Fetch Connector tools completely eliminate the manual labor of uploading and verifying contracts. These tools fetch fully executed contracts and meta-data through any of your applications and give you a comprehensive view of your commercial agreements and accounts. 

Need to review signatures? Check on renewal terms? Understand a keyword? Our File Fetch and Data Fetch Connectors make it easy to find all of the information you need – stored in one convenient portal. We’ll even fetch this information for you proactively, with a notification system that alerts you when anything needs attention (think auto-renewals).

Our Data Push and File Push Connector tools automatically populate all applications utilized across your enterprise with attorney-verified accurate contract data. You read that right – no more clicking frantically between tabs to copy-paste contract information from one platform to another, and no more wondering if the information is accurate. That’s our job!

Eliminate Manual Data Entry & Drive Productivity Across Teams

Give your teams the opportunity to focus on what they do best (and that’s not manual data entry and verification). Not only can we offer your enterprise more time to focus on your mission, but we can also help you maximize the performance of your agreements. It’s a win-win! 

But what exactly does that mean? It means that our Contract Performance Platform will track renewal dates, commercial data, invoicing details, and verify contract data. Are you missing an opportunity to make more money when an agreement comes up for renegotiation? We’ll make sure you don’t miss it again. 

Our newest integrations can provide your team with actionable contract insights, allowing finance, sales, support, and procurement teams across your enterprise to save thousands of hours and make moves towards fulfilling your end of your agreements.

Contracts are a means to an end – almost none of our customers are passionate about contracts, but we are. We are so excited to bring you our newest integration features to make quality Contract Performance an easier, more streamlined, and more fruitful process.