Innovation: At the Heart of What We Do

Innovation: At the Heart of What We Do

Innovation. What does it make you think of? Sure, it may be a corporate buzzword, but it’s also so much more. To us, innovation represents opportunity. Opportunity to improve. Opportunity to inspire. Opportunity to lead.

When it comes to technology, the legal field can be slow to adapt. Call any major company you can think of – many of them have used paper filing systems within the last five years. In an increasingly remote-working world, paper files simply don’t cut it any more.

There are dozens of contract management tools on the market. Many of them help users streamline the process of drafting and storing contracts. But a signed contract represents real-world obligations, responsibilities, and money. Filing it away is the worst thing you could do.

What happens when a contract auto-renews without anyone noticing, costing your company thousands of dollars?

What are the specifics of the NDA you just signed? Which parties need to consent to billing changes?

Other tools on the market can find some of that data for you, but your legal team will need to spend time verifying it. Yes, your highly-paid law-degree-holding legal team will have to comb through pages of search results to make sure that your contract management platform correctly extracted the information that you need. And if it’s not 100% accurate, they’ll have to take the time to manually correct it. Time that you’re paying for. And the more errors that are in the extracted data, the more time your legal team has to spend correcting it.

It’s clear that the Contract Management space is due for major improvements.

That’s why we pair our best in breed AI with attorney verification, and we’re one of the first companies to do so. Contract Wrangler is founded by lawyers, for lawyers and the teams they work with. We know how valuable your time is. Our Contract Performance Platform (CPP) is well named: we focus on Contract Performance.

Putting that into practice, a strong CPP can save you money on renewals, remind you when it’s time to negotiate for a better rate, notify you of updates to complex custom searches, perform sentiment analysis and OCR, save your legal team hundreds if not thousands of hours per year, empower your teams to do more with self-service contract InSights, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We’re innovators at heart, always striving for the next big thing. We’re passionate about providing you with the best tools in the field, and we stand behind our work every step of the way.

We’re launching the next generation of the Contract Wrangler platform in just a few weeks, and it’s more powerful than you could imagine. Join us to celebrate the launch and to learn more!