Make Informed Decisions with Cross-Team Visibility

Make Informed Decisions with Cross-Team Visibility

Make Informed Decisions with Cross-Team Visibility

Most enterprises have a problem: What happens after a contract is signed?

Most businesses simply file contracts away and then forget about them. And then they miss the agreement renewal date, or the opportunity to negotiate a better rate. Or they waste thousands of hours annually on manual data entry and tie up legal team hours with time-consuming searches. Many enterprises also lose money by failing to understand key contract terms. 

Cross-team visibility is key in helping your enterprise thrive.


Visibility into contract terms, obligations, and deadlines is an asset to every team. A legal team’s expertise is best used on complex, subjective work. But in reality, many legal teams spend time manually combing through contracts to answer questions about obligations or renewal terms as their business development team works to close a deal. 

Your CFO and finance team should have easy access to information that affects the bottom line. Our dashboard proactively alerts all relevant teams when contracts auto-renew, allowing the finance team to make informed decisions about renewal, cancellation, or re-negotiation — decisions that would typically require hours of legal team research and support. 

The agreements an enterprise is party to shape workflows, responsibilities, and long-term goals. Visibility throughout contracts and across teams means more efficient, informed work towards more robust goals. 

Visibility means more access, and more access means getting more out of your agreements, and saving time doing it. Attorney-verified, AI-supported, simple, and accessible.