Managing contracts is a crucial function of every business, but most have a large visibility gap that’s losing them revenue and creating needless expenses. We saw a way to fill that gap by shining a light on contract performance.


Contract Wrangler was built to help companies understand the way terms and obligations actually impact revenue, risk, and cost once the contract is executed. We used the best machine learning and data technology, bolstered it with human-in-the-loop verification, and developed an intuitive platform that would uncover insights that have a direct impact on cash flows and company scale.


Because of us our customers know when and where they need to act, leaving confusion about contract terms, obligations, and impact behind while paving the way for future growth.


John Gengarella | Contract Wrangler CEO
John Gengarella

John has run B2B software companies for over two decades, including VP and General Manager at Siebel Systems, CEO at Voxify, Chief Revenue Officer…

Neil Peretz | Contract Wrangler General Counsel
Neil Peretz
Founder/General Counsel

Neil Peretz knows firsthand the challenges of managing too many contracts as General Counsel for multiple fast-growing venture-backed financial services…

Brian Bartell | Contract Wrangler CTO
Brian Bartell

Brian Bartell has been building text analytics, machine learning, and content normalization systems for 27 years, and is particularly excited about…


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